Our British Shorthairs

Our love of the British Shorthair started in 1998 when we acquired ‘Oscar’ a beautiful blue boy who was 4 years old. He was different in so many ways compared to our Birmans and Ragdolls in that he was far more independent but he captured our hearts and we were terribly upset when he sadly died aged 10 years. I knew then that when the time was right we would one day have another British Blue and that day came in September 2011 when our adorable ‘Berti’ or to give him his correct title Grand Premier Jococa Credit Crunch came into our lives.

We were so lucky to be introduced by a good friend to Carol & Corinne Ash of the well known prefix ‘Jococa’ Carol had a litter of blues and we choose Berti who we were going to show as a neuter.

He was the most adorable kitten who showed so well loving his days out so he quickly made Premier, we then decided to take him off the show bench to give him time to mature and develop further which he did at an alarming rate! During this time he lived so happily with our Birmans and our toy poodles. British do adapt so well to other breeds and Berti is one very chilled out boy.

We returned Berti to the show bench when we felt he was mature enough to enter the Grand Classes. He won his 3 Grands easily and we were absolutely delighted when he won Best in Show at the Essex Show in 2014 By now I so wanted to have a blue breed girl of my own so we were so delighted when Carol and Corinne said that they would mentor us in our new venture and they then told us that they had a lovely kitten that they thought we would like so lo and behold our ‘Dolly’ or Jococa Beauty Sleep arrived at the Allen Household! We cant thank Carol & Corinne enough for entrusting us first with Berti and now Dolly, Corinne is always there for us when we need help and advice and I’m sure she gets as much pleasure as we do when I ring her to say how we have done at the shows.

We hope in 2015 to have our first litter of British Blue’s and feel so excited about having kittens, this will be a great challenge for us and one we could not of done without the help and advice of Carol & Corinne, thank you both!