4th October 2021 15:13
From Mike S

Of all the breeders we dealt with, Sue and Paul stand out for their true love for cats and the wonderful care they give them. In every conversation we had with them, it was clear that the parent cats were adored and that the kittens would be given the best to start in life.

It’s no surprise that our Birman kitten is so happy and has settled in quickly into our house and family.

Every step of the process was first class, from the early calls, to the handover, to the support, advice, and aftercare.

We’ll be recommending Sue and Paul to all our friends going forward.

Thank you again.

2nd August 2021 18:59
From Annie Berrezaie

I am very grateful to Sue and Paul for having raise such beautiful kittens. They have grown into a pair of adorable and confident kittens in the state of just few days. No doubt thanks to the care of Sue and Paul. We love them dearly and are very happy to have bought 2 kittens. It makes such a difference to have both of them. They entertain each other (as well as us!) and they always look for each other. It has helped them to get accustomed to their new surroundings quicker as well. If you are looking for kittens, i would recommend Sue and Paul in a heart beat! And if you can, have 2 siblings! Thank you so much as well for all you advices along the way.

2nd August 2021 18:59
From Ray and Sue Feltham

We decided to purchase two Birman kittens, and started contacting breeders registered by the Birman Breeders Club, early in 2021, and were delighted to receive an email in March from Sue and Paul saying they were expecting to have some kittens in April, and depending on the number in the litter we may be lucky enough to have two allocated to us. After what was an agonising time waiting, we finally heard that Orianna had given birth to four kittens and we could have two of them. Sue even contacted us as the first kitten was being born and the next morning sent us pictures of the less than day old little kittens.
Throughout the following three months Sue was in regular contact with updates of vets visits for inoculations and spaying, and numerous pictures of the gorgeous little bundles.
On 24th July we set off from our home in Norfolk for St Brides Major and went to collect the kittens on 25th.
We are now the very proud owners of two beautiful Seal Point girls, Lexi and Kiki, and cannot speak highly enough of the way Sue and Paul been throughout, and the great care they take in ensuring any kittens that leave Tisanti are as perfect as they can possibly be in all ways.
We are sure we will keep in contact with Sue and Paul for years to come as they will be our go-to people for any questions we may have regarding the kittens as they grow up.
Thank you so much.
Sue and Ray

15th December 2020 17:26
From Sara

We purchased an adorable Birman kitten from Sue and Paul for our young son. From the start of our contact with them, we have been very impressed with their wealth of knowledge, helpful advice and excellent care for the kittens. We highly recommend them!

20th October 2020 23:59
From Emma

I first contacted Sue through the Birman Cat Club which turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

As a result I became a very proud Mum of 2 gorgeous Tisanti Birmans, Skye and Toby. They are both amazing little characters who bring love, joy and laughter (lots of laughter) to our lives every day.

Sue has continued to be my ‘go to’ person over the years if I am ever looking for advice or guidance on any of my Birmans.

Sue and Paul are amazing breeders who genuinely care about all their cats from pregnancy, to birth and for the whole of their lives.

I can’t thank Sue and Paul enough for everything and would highly recommend Tisanti Birmans

17th July 2020 17:37
From Rebecca and Colin

Sue and Paul were truly wonderful with every step of the process, our beautiful kittens Tontoliki and Kimchi have brought such joy to both mine and Colin’s life. Their wonderful natures are down to the brilliant raising of them by Sue and Paul. With such difficult times, due to Corona Virus, we were so happy we were able and trusted with these two bundles of joy, the courier that brought them to us said they were the best cats he has ever travelled with! Thank you so much for allowing us to have them both we are forever grateful!

25th August 2017 12:24
From Zain Nowar

This is our beautiful Lilac Tabby(Stewie).
Thank you for our beautiful boy!

26th January 2016 18:23
From Christine

My British Shorthaired. Now 16 weeks old. She is so much fun.

11th January 2016 11:20
From Kate Thomas

I can’t speak highly enough of the experience we have had in dealing with Sue and Paul at Tisanti.

We now have two beautiful little ladies living with us, Lola and Cleo, and they are purrrrfect!

They are well trained, beautifully socialised, wonderfully healthy and throwing themselves around the place and making us laugh in a way that only kittens can.

The support that Sue and Paul have given us in getting to know our kittens since they were born, and the effort that has gone into making sure that we all have the best of starts is amazing.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tisanti to anyone looking for a high quality service with the utmost of genuine care and affection thrown in. The ‘extra-mile’ doesn’t even cover it!

Thank you for making our family complete.

Kate and Chris x

21st July 2014 08:54
From Ian and Christine Jeffrey

Happy Hollie

21st July 2014 08:52
From Ian and Christine Jeffrey

Just wanted you to see how happy and settled Hollie and Tiffany are and how they have grown they are an absolute delight

13th July 2014 22:01
From Ian and Christine Jeffrey

Hi Sue and Paul

A very big thank you for two adorable little girls Hollie and Tiffany who are loved to bits. I knew I had to have two of your babies after our very first conversation, as you so obviously loved and cared for your own, you were so kind and understanding as I had recently lost my beloved birman of 17 years. I know you are always at the end of the phone for a reassuring chat and your wealth of knowledge about birmans is incredible. You always have time in your busy days no matter what it is I feel privileged to have two of your little girls in our lives.

13th July 2014 20:37
From Stacy Perry

Our little Rosie is doing great and fitting in with our other cats wonderfully. She is such a devilish little cutie.

7th April 2014 19:10
From Pam and Darren Firzpatrick

We just wanted to let you know that Che our ragdoll and Sien our Burman are both doing really well. They are such loving and adoring cats and they fill our life with joy every day!

I couldn’t recommend better bred cats 🙂 Che our male ragdoll is so very handsome 🙂 he is so incredibly loving too 🙂 my husband knick names him wedge 🙂 he has so many little personality traits. He now also demands water out of the tap! He also loves our latest addition Raffa our cocker spaniel. They are always wrestling on the floor 🙂 he never fails to flop at us when we enter the door. There is nothing better than being greater by this every day 🙂

Thanks for enriching our lives 🙂 xx

21st February 2014 21:18
From Sue and Mike Bailey

Good Evening Sue and Paul

Millie and Phoebe our beautiful adorable girls are sitting on the sofa with us as they do every evening if not on our laps they are hanging off the back of the sofas waiting for their nightly treats. They have brought us so much pleasure over the last two years with their lively endearing personalities.
Thank you so much for welcoming us to your home in South Wales and allowing us to purchase Millie and Phoebe, I would not hesitate in recommending Tisanti Birmans to anyone who wants to purchase a Birman cat.

Best wishes

X Sue

21st February 2014 09:38
From Holly Brown

Tisanti Evening Evangeline – Evie- perfect in every way! x

21st February 2014 09:35
From Holly Brown

Hi Sue just wanted to send you these pics of my beautiful baby! She is absolutely perfect and has the sweetest (and cheekiest) personality 🙂 Tisanti Evening Evangeline aka Evie is everything I hoped she would be and we are all very proud of how well she has done at her shows. I now have some beautiful red ribbons on my wall as a reminder! Evie is our fourth Tisanti baby and all of them are stunning, loving cats. Thank you Sue for letting us have such a special little girl x

18th February 2014 20:19
From Serena and David

Hi Sue and Paul

A big thank you for our little Louie!

No words can express the joy of having him in our lives everyday. We wake up to lots of cuddles or requests to play fetch with his favourite ball everyday 🙂 he’s so amazing..

Thank you for the advice and ongoing support, we’ll keep sending you pictures as he’s growing up fast!

Love Serena and David

Purrs from Louie xx

16th February 2014 17:20
From C.P

Dear Sue and Paul,

Serena is now 14 weeks old and is utterly gorgeous- she plays with gusto, eats like a little pony, sleeps peacefully and is very well trained in all matters such as the litter tray! Thank you We are delighted with her. x

12th February 2014 21:01
From Sue Chandler

It’s not often you meet people as kind, caring, dedicated and honest as Sue and Paul. From our first visit we knew we had been lucky to find them. Thank you both so much for our lovely Tisanti boy, Safi. We have had him for four months now and he has settled in so well! He is very affectionate and has a lovely temperament not to mention stunning good looks. From the start he was very well behaved and is a delight to own.
We can’t thank Sue enough; she kept us updated with his progress along with photos before it was time for him to join us. Sue has a wealth of knowledge about Birmans and taught us everything we needed to know before we brought him home, she also offered her ongoing support without hesitation. Safi came along with a very generous kitten pack full of everything we needed to help settle him. We can’t imagine life without him now! And I would not hesitate to recommend Sue and Paul to anyone looking to buy a Birman kitten. x

12th February 2014 15:33
From Jon Watson

Sue and I first started speaking in September 2013, when we were on the hunt for a furry friend to come and join our family. Right from the start she was extremely friendly and supportive. She really knows what she’s talking about, and bent over backwards to answer my many, many questions.

When we visited to see the latest litter it was clear that Tisanti stood head and shoulders above some of the other breeders we’d encountered. We were incredibly impressed by Sue and Paul (not to mention the cats!). The quality of their work, and their attitude towards it, is really encouraging. They’re just so passionate about what they do, and they really do care about their animals, which is so important. For us, Tisanti was the clear and obvious choice, and we couldn’t wait to bring home a Tisanti baby of our very own.

And boy are we happy we did! Artie’s been with us for less than two weeks, but we honestly couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s such a character and has been given such a great start in life, coming from a caring and nurturing home. We’ve made friends for life in both Artie and his breeders. They’re always there if you need them, and they love to hear how their babies are doing.

Thank you SO much Sue and Paul for our gorgeous boy. Keep up the fantastic work.

11th February 2014 16:38
From fiona brown

Thank you Sue and Paul for our lovely birman boys Noah and Elijah and our stunning little girl Evening Evangeline, not to mention our beautiful Louis. We love visiting you and your babies and my daughters refer to your house as ‘Birman Heaven’. They are right!! xxxxx

11th February 2014 16:18
From Kate Addis

Sue, a huge thank you from all of us for letting us adopt your beautiful Ragdolls! They are settling in to their new home and love having tummy tickles. Thank you for all you support too, it’s always great to have someone to chat to about the cats. Best wishes,


11th February 2014 12:35
From Georgie Karagul

I first met Sue & Paul last September in my search for a new kitten after recently having my beloved 16 year old Birman put to sleep. They welcomed my Husband and me into their home with open arms and made us feel very welcome indeed. They were very sympathetic over my recent loss and let us see their 7 week old litter, which of course I fell in love with immediately.

The cattery is very professionally run and their standards are exceptionally high, you can see immediately the kittens are very well cared for and very much loved.

We took Ozy and Ellie home at 13 weeks and they are growing into beautiful cats. They have incredibly loving natures and wonderful temperaments.

Without doubt I would not hesitate in highly recommending Tisanti Cattery to anyone looking for Birman or Ragdoll kitten. Thank you Sue & Paul




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