Bristol & District Cat Club running back to back with the Cambria Cat Club Saturday 4th June 2016


Berti chilling, what he does so well!

Thank you to my husband Paul for taking our lovely British Blue boy to these 2 shows for me and for showing him so well. I’m delighted that our boy had the most fantastic day, as he won the Imperial Certificates in both shows so he now is Imperial Grand Premier Jococo Credit Crunch!

Berti, as he’s known at home, also won 2 Best of Breeds in both shows and 4 firsts in the Miscellaneous Classes making it a ‘red card day’ all around!


Imperial Grand Premier Jococo Credit Crunch winning his title and also his 2 red card wins!


To top the day off he also won Mrs. Linda Walpole’s judges choice rosette! What a fitting end to our boy’s show career. Well done Berti you really have made us so proud!

Thank you to all the judges who thought so highly of our boy!

Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club Saturday 21st May 2016

Out today was our lovely British Blue boy Grand Premier Jococa Credit Crunch or Berti as he is known at home. Berti was going for his last 5th Imperial but sadly today we had to come away with the Reserve as he was beaten by a very nice Selkirk Rex. We were still delighted as there were 2 other entrants so the competition was high. Berti who behaved impeccably also won 2 firsts in the very large Miscellaneous Classes, fingers crossed that he gains his title at the next show!

Kernow Cat Club Saturday – 26th March 2016

Showing today in his first adult class was our lovely blue tabby lad Llonydd Tisanti Fy Arwr, known at home as Teddy.

Delighted that he won his 1st Challenge Certificate and was placed in the Miscellaneous Classes.

Just two more to go till your a Champion, Teddy!

South West British Shorthair Cat Club Saturday – 26th March 2016

We are absolutely thrilled that our lovely British Blue Boy Grand Premier Jococa Credit Crunch won his 4th Imperial today and then won Best of Breed!

He was also placed in the Miscellaneous Classes 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd.

Well done Berti so proud of you, only one more to go!

The Coventry & Leicester Cat Club Running Back to Back With The Hertfordshire & Middlesex Cat Club Saturday 27th February 2016

Really enjoyed this back to back show today and we were delighted when our beautiful Chocolate Tabby girl Tisanti Cinnamon Spice won two Challenge Certificates making her up to Champion in 3 straight shows! Well done Iness, we are so proud of you!

Croydon Cat Club Saturday 13th February 2016

Had a lovely time at this show where our lovely chocolate tabby girl Cinnamon Spice won her Challenge Certificate under judge Teresa Cole.

The day was made extra special to as it was Paul’s Birthday and we got to spend it with all our lovely friends.

Celtic Longhair & Semi Longhair Cat Society Saturday 30th January 2016

Many congratulations go to Jeanette & Sarah Evans who today made up our lovely red boy Tisanti Jalepeno Sunrise to Grand Premier! Thank you so much for showing our lovely boy, he is a real credit to you.

National Cat Club – Saturday 12th December

Our three kittens were out in force today on what would be the last show of 2015, and what a show it was, too!

I was judging Pedigree Pets at this show and there were some lovely cats and kittens.

I was also invited to judge Best in Show for the Sphynx Cat Association and my worthy winner was a lovely brown tabby. Thanks to them for my invitation.

Now for our kitten news:

Our lovely red girl, Carrismoon Chilli Bean, won her Open Class & also Best of Breed and received a 1st & 2nd in the Miscellaneous Classes, too! Well done, Poppy!

Our lilac tabby girl, Llonydd Myfanwy, had a “Red Card Day” winning everything she was entered in. Very well done Ella!

Our blue tabby boy, Llonydd Tisanti Fy Arwr, won his Open Class but got beaten for BOB by Ella! He was also placed in the Miscellaneous Classes. Well done Teddy, you were so well behaved, even though the cat next door hissed for most of the day!

Colourpoint, Rex Coated & A.O.V. Club – Saturday 28th November 2015

We have never been to this show before but we will most certainly be back next year! It is one of the nicest shows we have attended this year! Well done to Show Manager Jill Coomer

At the show we had our lovely chocolate girl Nutella Tart Sunny Queen, who won her third Challenge Certificate making her a champion! She also won Best of Breed and won a 1st & 2nd in the Miscellaneous Classes. Well done Nutella!

Also at the show we had our lovely seal point kitten Mentobe Tisanti Beau, who had a red card day! He also won Best Seal Point Birman in Show beating adults, so we are seriously proud of our baby!

We took to the show our friend’s blue point boy Ch Kittah Kedalion who needed a third Grand to make him a GRCH. We were absolutely delighted that he did indeed win that award and also Best of Breed! Many congratulations to Nick & Simone, Angus really deserved this certificate!

Central Longhair & Semi Longhair Cat Club Saturday 7th November 2015

We were thrilled to show our lovely chocolate girl Nutella Tart Sunny Queen today at this lovely show. We haven’t shown Nutella since 2013, as the last two years she has spent looking after her kittens (and boy was she an excellent mother)!
Today she looked wonderful and won her second CC AND Best of Breed! She also did well in the Miscellaneous Classes. So proud of our girl as she really was a joy to show. Only one CC left to go and then she will be a Champion!

Also showing today was our lovely seal kitten Mentobe Tisanti Beau. He behaved so well and he too won his class and Best of Breed with good competition. Beau had a 1st & 2nd in the Miscellaneous Classes competing against his litter sister! So nice that his breeders were there to have a cuddle with their boy!