Ladies of leisure

We are proud to introduce you to our beautiful Ladies of Leisure, who are enjoying life being spoiled and loved They have all had wonderful past careers and raised beautiful families in their younger days.

Champion & Premier Tisanti Valentina Grace
Lilac Tortie Point (SBI j)

MillyMilly, as she is known at home, is our first home bred female Champion and named after our 2nd grand daughter. We are very proud of her because she has achieved so much. She is such a lovely girl with a soft expression and she has the most lovely sweet nature. Milly was very much “in charge” in the Allen household and in her own gentle way could easily put everyone in their place, including our neutered boys! Milly had a lovely litter in 2011 and was an exceptional mother to her babies.

We are delighted that Milly is now a Premier which she achieved at a back to back show, many thanks to her owners Gareth & Glenys Stone for showing her so well. So proud of Milly who is named after our lovely Granddaughter Grace.

Milly is now going to be shown in the Grands, we wish her and her owners (our good friends Gareth and Glenys Stone, in Cardiff) good luck and we will be watching her show career with much interest!

Sire: GR CH Namrib Ghost (SBI c)
Dam: Shwechinthe Tisanti Lakshmi (SBI j)


Snoshu Moulin Rouge
Red Point (SBI d)

RubyRuby, our beautiful red point girl, retired after giving us two lovely litters. Many of her kittens are now shown.

Ruby is living in Cornwall with our very good friends Peter and Gwen, she shares her life with a naughty seal tortie and spends her days, weather permitting, sunning herself in their beautiful garden. Thank you for looking after Ruby so well!

Sire: Snoshu Tek Sing (SBI d)
Dam: Dubrova Carnival Dancer (SBI f)


Chadanell Willow
Blue Tabby Point (SBI a 21)

WillowWillow is really enjoying her retirement.  She loves to sit in the window and watch what’s going on.

Willow was our foundation queen and was a wonderful mother to her kittens. She taught us so much.

Such a beautiful Birman, this lady!

Sire: Chadanell Little Boyblu (SBI a)
Dam: CH. Adwello Chadanell lucyloo (SBI a 21)


Advilo Lily Fountaine
Blue Colour Point (66a)

LilyLily was our first female Ragdoll. She is a lovely Blue Colour Point who had a wonderful show career as a kitten, and even took home a CC at her first adult show. Since then Lily has decided that the show life isn’t for her and that she prefers to be at home either nursing her beautiful kittens or sleeping on a warm bed. Lily has had two litters, from which we have kept two show potential kittens.

Lily has since retired from breeding and now lives with our daughter in law Michelle and our Grandchildren Elizabeth and Ethen. She is very spoilt and totally adored, which is just what we wanted! Thanks guys!


Caramleigh Urmymelody
Red Point (SBI d)

DaisyDaisy, as she is known at home, retired from breeding after giving us a beautiful litter, where we got our lovely seal tortie girl Tisanti Sweet Pea. We hope Daisy enjoys this new chapter of her life but we think she is really going to miss nursing her kittens as she was a wonderful mother and never wanted to let them go!

Daisy is continuing to enjoy her retirement, sadly now without her son Aramis, but she is a very happy Birman and has a wonderful life!

Thank you Daisy for giving us some beautiful babies, you are greatly loved!

Sire: Champion Esaya Fieryjack (SBI d)
Dam: Urprity Odile (SBI f)


Champion Namrib Tisanti Violetta
Lilac Point (SBI c)

LettyLetty, our beautiful lilac point Birman, retired from breeding after giving us 2wonderful litters. Her daughter, Tisanti Miley, is now herself a Champion – a real chip off the old block!!!

Letty is now living with Matt in his home which she shares with her daughter, Ch Tisanti Miley. They get on very well together and Letty often helps out when Miley has her babies. This little lady is a complete joy and is dearly loved!

Sire: Gr.Ch Namrib Ghost (SBI c)
Dam: Norvin Blossom of Namrib (SBI c)


Tisanti Firefrost Amber
Lilac Tortie Point (SBI j)

AliceAlice, our Lilac Tortie Point Birman, retired from breeding after 2 lovely litters – one of them containing our beautiful girl CH Tisanti Betsy Buttons.

Alice is a very special lady as we lost her Daddy, Aramis, (Imperial Grand Champion Caramleigh Springtime Beau) in 2011.

Alice is now living in Monmouth with our good friend Charlotte. She decided that she would prefer to be an “only cat” after she was spayed and her life now is much quieter and sedate. Thank you Charlotte for giving Amber such a wonderful home!


Tisanti Butterfly Blue
Blue Tabby Colour Point (66at)

ChloeChloe is our Blue Tabby Colour Point girl and her mother is our foundation queen Lily. What we love about Chloe is she has the most exquisite little nose which demonstrates a desirable retrousse tip! She also has a adorable nature and is the perfect “lap cat”. Chloe had a delightful litter of 6 during the summer of 2010 and she really was a excellent mother. However, because of a difficult birth, we decided to spay Chloe as we could not risk any further pregnancies.

Chloe is a real Lady of Leisure and enjoying life to the full! She continues to savor her retirement and is a very happy Ragdoll.

Sire: Sueragdandy Blaze (66tw)
Dam: Advilo Lily Fountaine (66a)


Lachmere Tisanti Krystal
Blue Tortie Point (SBI g)

KrystalKrystal is a Blue Tortie Point Birman, who has matured into a stunning adult. Krystal has such a beautiful distribution of tortie colouring and a true Birman expression. One of the features that truly makes Krystal stand out are her beautiful, deep blue eyes, which come from her breeding line. Krystal had a wonderful litter at the beginning of 2011, all of the lovely Birman type.

Krystal had another litter of 2 babies in Spring 2012 and again she proved to be a wonderful mother. We decided then that this was going to be her last litter as our queens are not breeding machines and we like them to have a life. Krystal is now spayed and is a very happy Lady of Leisure living with us and all our Tisanti Cats. Thank you Krystal for the wonderful kittens you have given us!

Our beautiful Krystal is also enjoying her retirement and really has come into her own. She really is a delightful lady and gets grander as she ages!

Sire: Champion Esaya Fieryjack (SBI d)
Dam: Champion Blueberry Muffin (SBI a 21)


Champion Tisanti Sweet Pea
Seal Tortie Point (SBI f)
Best Seal Tortie Kitten 2011

MollyMolly is our gorgeous Seal Tortie. Even at 4 weeks old we knew we could never part with her as she really lives up to the saying “naughty tortie”. Molly has the most wonderful disposition and one can’t stay cross with her for long as she always finds a way of making up to you. Daisy (Caramleigh Urmymelody) really had her hands full rearing Molly, thank goodness Daisy is such an expert in rearing kittens! Molly, as she is known at home, made Champion at 12 months of age, well done Molls!

She had 2 lovely kittens in 2011 and she was a excellent mother.

On her return to the show bench her character shone through and she won Best Seal Tortie Kitten 2011 Birman Cat Club!

Molly had 2 kittens in 2012 and she really struggled with them so we took the sad decision that we would not let her have anymore babies.

Molly is now a Lady of Leisure and is living with Sarah and her kitten. She is now a much a pampered lady, just what we wanted for her. Love you Molly! She and her not so little kitten have a wonderful life with Sarah in the country and enjoy lots of love and attention. It is wonderful to see them together, thank you Sarah!

Sire: Ch Chanamac Woodsman (SBI n)
Dam: Caramleigh Urmymelody (SBI d)


Champion Tisanti Albertine
Seal Mitted Ragdoll (66w)

SassySassy is our stunning Seal Mitted Ragdoll and our first home bred Champion in this breed. Sassy has beautiful type, lovely eye colour, very good boning and the most exceptional feet markings that any Birman would be proud to own! She has a very outgoing personality and there is never a dull moment when Sassy is around, especially at “feed time” as she is always first in line to be fed!

Sassy has now been neutered and retired as we decided that after 3 litters our Sassy had really done enough. She is now blooming and really enjoying life to the full!

Sire: Valleycat Zodiac (66 31)
Dam: Advilo Lily Fountaine (66a)


Grand Champion Tisanti Blue-Belle
Blue Tabby Point (SBI a 21)

Blue-BelleBlue-Belle is known as Libby at home and she is a beautiful, loving, laid back girl. As a kitten Libby won all of her kitten classes and often had “red card days”. She always let the judges cuddle her and many wanted to take her home with them! Libby became a Champion at 11 months old and we were very proud.

Libby had kittens in 2011 and there was one in the litter that really stood out, which of course was Lottie, known as Grand Champion Tisanti Harrietta. Blue-BelleIn the last couple of months we have been showing mother and daughter side by side and we are thrilled to announce that Libby is now a Grand Champion, the first Tisanti girl to win this title. Her daughter Lottie also became a Champion, well done girls!

Libby has now retired from breeding and is enjoying her retirement with our good friend Catherine.

Dam: Tisanti Midnight Mist (SBI g 21)


Grand Champion Tisanti Harrietta
Blue Point (SBI a)
Overall Top Birman Kitten 2011 (in all 4 Birman Clubs)

Tisanti Harrietta“Lottie”, as she is known at home, was born in February 2011. Right from when she was born we had the feeling that this little girl was going to be a right character! Lottie has the most amazing temperament and is so loving and mischievous, there is never a dull moment in our household when Lottie is around! At the age of 5 months we’d already shown Lottie four times. She won all her Open Classes and also Best of Breed classes too! She just loves her “days out” at the shows where she demands lots of attention from everyone. We hope to continue showing Lottie and we can’t wait to see how she develops and matures.

Lottie won the title of Best Overall Birman Kitten 2011 with both the Birman Cat Club and the Northern Birman Cat Club.

Lottie had a brilliant 2011 and got made up to Champion at the Croydon Show nine days before her first birthday.

Tisanti HarriettaAfter a fantastic year she took a well earned rest from the show bench to concentrate on “motherhood”, as she dearly wanted some kittens of her own instead of borrowing everyone else’s! She had a delightful litter of 4 in 2012 and just as expected was a wonderful mother!

We are delighted to announce that Harrietta is now a Grand Champion, so well deserved for our lovely girl.

We decided to retire Lotty as we felt that after her last litter she deserved to put her “paws” up and live the life she so deserved. We were delighted when Lotty and her two kittens joined our dear friends Donald and Pauline in their beautiful home in Esher!

Sire: Grand Champion Nicadaemus Romany Magic (SBI a)
Dam: Grand Champion Tisanti Blue-Belle (SBI a 21)


Grand Champion Kindred Versace of Tisanti (SBI a)

AvaThis is our gorgeous Ava, who is having a wonderful show career with many 1st’s and Best of Breeds.

Ava’s Mum is Champion Tisanti Miley, and as she lives with Matt and his partner they decided to register this litter with their new prefix of Kindred, hence this name being in her title.

Ava has the most sweetest of natures and this was quite apparent when the litter came to us at 7 weeks. Ava really stood out and we knew she was going to be special. Miley has given us Stargazer and now Ava, and 2 other babies in the litter were show quality too

AvaAva is really doing well on the show bench and has won many 1st’s and Best of Breeds. She will shortly become an adult and then will be going for her Challenge Certificates.

Delighted that one day before her 1st Birthday our darling Ava is now a Grand Champion! She won Champion in 3 straight shows and now Grand Champion in 3 straight shows, many thanks to all the judges that thought so highly of our girl!

After a very difficult pregnancy it became apparent that our beautiful girl could no longer have kittens so she was duly spayed. Ava is now enjoying her retirement in lovely Dorset.


Champion Tisanti Miley
Lilac Point (SBI c)
Best Lilac Adult SSWBCC 2011

MileyMiley is our delightful lilac girl that was born in May 2010. From an early age Miley had that “something special” look about her and we just knew she had to stay! As a kitten Miley was shown once and she came away with a First and Best of Breed at the National Show. Her adult career started very well winning her 1st Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed. Miley is very much like her mother Violetta in looks and temperament, though we would have to say Miley definitely has the edge on naughtiest as she is full of mischief!

Miley achieved Champion status in 3 straight shows at 11 months of age and now lives with Matthew in his home in Swansea.

Sadly Miley will not be returning to the show bench as she simply does not like it, preferring to stay at home. Instead, she eagerly watches her son Louie and his incredible journey on the benches.

Over the last two years Miley has had two exceptional litters. In the first litter she gave us Imperial Grand Champion Kindred Tisanti Stargazer, and in the second she gave us Kindred Versace-of Tisanti, or Ava as she is known at home.

We decided to spay Miley after her last litter as sadly motherhood was not for her, she now lives with her Mum Violetta in a lovely quiet household which suits her perfectly!