The Supreme Cat Show Saturday 24th October 2015

What a wonderful day we had at this year’s Supreme with our boy Stargazer winning his 2nd UK Grand Certificate! He has won this prestigious award two years running, and at such a young age! Well done Louie, we are so proud of you!

Seal & Blue Birman Cat Club Saturday 3rd October 2015 Running back to back with the Longhaired & Semi Longhaired Cat Club

What a lovely busy day we had at these two shows in Bracknell.

I was judging Pedigree & Household Pets in the morning and also running the Seal & Blue Welfare Stall in the afternoon!

We took our two kittens Tisanti Cinammon Spice, who won both her open classes and Best of Breed in both shows and Iness, who also did us proud in her Miscellaneous Classes (so proud of this little lady!)

Also showing was our lovely seal kitten Mentobe Tisanti Beau who won his Open Clas,s beating two other seal kittens. Beau also won Best Male Kitten and was awarded a beautiful silver trophy. Well done Beau!

To cap off the day it was lovely that three of our owners visited in the afternoon to see us. It was great to catch up with you all and many thanks for your donations to our rescue!

Somerset Cat Club running back to back with the West Country Cat Club Saturday 12th September

Tisanti were out in force today at this very enjoyable show.

However, the day proved to be a very sad one indeed as a lovely lady, steward Juanita Sharp, was taken ill in the morning at the show and sadly passed away on the way to the hospital. Paul and I send our sincere condolences to her husband, children & family. 🙁

Today was the day for showing our kittens and Tisanti Cinammon Spice won her Open Class and Best of Breed in both shows. In fact, in the Somerset Show our baby had a ‘red card day’. Well done Iness!

Our new seal boy, Mentobe Tisanti Beau, also won his Open Class and Best of Breed in both shows. We were delighted and it was great that his breeders, Susie & Mark Harris, travelled to the show to share the day with us. Thank you guys for this lovely baby, we are delighted with him and Birman Judge Teresa Cole absolutely loved him, which was our ‘icing on the cake’.

We were also showing our lovely British Blue Jococa Credit Crunch in the Imperial classes. Sadly Berti got beaten by an older, more mature British but he did win two Best of Breeds and three Firsts in the Miscellaneous Classes. Well done Berti as you had lots of competition in these classes!

West of England & South Wales Cat Society Saturday 29th August 2015

Really enjoy this show, which is nearly on our doorstep, and we couldn’t have asked for better results. Our British Blue boy, Gr Pr Jococa Credit Crunch, won his third Imperial & Best of Breed, along with a 1st & 2nd in the Miscellaneous Classes! Well done Berti, only two to go!

Our lovely chocolate tabby kitten Tisanti Cinnamon Spice won her Open Class and then went onto win Best of Breed. Iness, as she’s known at home, also won a 1st & 2nd in her Miscellaneous Classes. Well done, sweetheart!

Also at the show today was our dear friend Ann Ivinson who was showing our blue girl Kindred Tisanti Lalolarose, or Dolly as she’s known at home. Dolly won her Champion Title today and Best of Breed! Thank you Ann for showing Dolly so well 🙂




Three Counties Cat Society Saturday 15th August 2015

New beginnings for team Tisanti with our two new kittens out in force, and what a great start they had with my Chocolate Tabby Kitten, Tisanti Cinnamon Spice, aged 15 weeks, winning her Open Class and then winning Best of Breed!

Iness, as she’s known at home, then won a 1st and 2nd in the Miscellaneous Classes. Well done baby girl!

Following her was our new blue tabby boy, bred by Gareth and Glenys Stone, Llonydd Tisanti Fy Arwr, or Teddy as he is known at home.

Teddy won his Open Class but got beaten by his best friend Iness for the BOB. I’m sure his day will come! He was also placed in his Miscellaneous Classes. Well done boy!

Wiltshire & District Cat Club & Wessex Cat Club Saturday 4th July 2015

What an amazing day for our lovely British Blue Boy Grand Premier Jococa Credit Crunch, who won his first 2 Imperials at this back to back show.

Berti also won 2 Best of Breeds & 4 seconds in the miscellaneous classes. Well done, Berti, you really have done us proud!

Bristol & District Cat Club Show & The Cambria Cat Club Show Saturday 6th June 2015

What a great day for us at this very busy back-to-back show, with Tisanti Orianna (Tia) winning two Challenge Certificates, making her up to Champion in three straight shows! Orianna also won Best of Breed in both shows and was placed in the four Miscellaneous Classes, well done Tia we are so proud of you!

Tia will now be taking a break from the showring as she concentrates on her upcoming romance with Stargazer, what a lucky boy! Please watch this space……..

Also showing today was our British Blue girl Jococa Beauty Sleep. She too won two Challenge Certificates, making her up to Champion in three straight shows. Dolly (as she is known at home) also won three firsts in the Miscellaneous Classes.

What was so special about Dolly winning today was that her breeder, Carole Ash, was at the show to see her win her classes and get made up to Champion. We hope, Carole and Corinne, that we have done you proud!

Dolly will also be taking a well earned break from the show ring as she too is going courting. Can’t wait for our first litter of British kittens!

Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club Saturday 16th May 2016

We took to this show our two youngsters, Tisanti Orianna and Jococa Beauty Sleep, and today they were both going into their first adult classes for their 1st Challenge Certificates.

Orianna won her CC and was placed in the Miscellaneous Classes and Beauty Sleep (Dolly) won her CC in a very large class of 6 other girls! She also won in her Miscellaneous Classes. So proud of them both as they behaved like two little ladies! Well done!!!

Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club Saturday 11th April 2015

Sadly I couldn’t attend this show today, so many thanks to my husband Paul for taking Stargazer and Orianna for me. What a day they had as IGRCH Kindred Tisanti Stargazer (Louie) won his first Olympian Certificate, Best of Breed and then went onto have a ‘red card’ day! So proud of our boy especially as late last night we took him away from his girlfriend, what a good boy you are, Louie!

Tisanti Orianna (Tia), in her last kitten class, won a First in her Open Class, Best of Breed, and then had a ‘red card’ day as well! Such a shame I missed it all but Paul came home with a mountain of rosettes, silver trophies, and £15 in prize money!

Can’t wait to start showing Tia in the Adult Classes now, watch this space!

South West British Shorthair Cat Club Saturday 28th March 2015

BertiWell, what a show this turned out to be with our lovely British Blue Boy Pr Jococa Credit Crunch winning his 3rd Grand to make him up to Grand Champion! He also won Best of Breed and three 1st’s in the Miscellaneous Classes! So pleased with our lovely Berti!

The icing on the cake came when our British Blue Kitten Jococa Beauty Sleep won her kitten class, then Best of Breed, Judges Choice, and then went on to win Best British Kitten in Show! We were over the moon as she had lots of competition at the breed show. Well done our Dolly on your ‘red card’ too! Can’t wait to see what she does when she reaches the adult classes!