Birman Queens

These are the Tisanti Birman Queens, who are much loved members of our family. Our current Queens are:


Champion Tisanti Betsy Buttons
Lilac Tortie (SBI j)
Top Lilac Tortie Adult

Betsy-buttonsBetsy Buttons was born at the end of March 2010. Her Mother is Alice and her Daddy is our lovely Lilac Tabby boy Mister Darcy.

Betsy Buttons is very much like her Daddy, as she has wonderful boning and is such a lovely size. Betsy has stunning blue eyes and a wonderful expression. She can be very vocal at times and loves to chat back to you! Betsy Buttons made her debut on the show bench winning a 1st and Best of Breed, but win or lose we know we are always going to be bringing the best cat home!

Betsy Buttons became a Champion in 2011 winning her title in 3 straight shows at the age of 11 months – a wonderful achievement for our “naughty tortie”.

She also won Best Lilac Tortie Exhibit and also Best Lilac Tortie Adult 2011 with the Birman Cat Club.

Betsy had a lovely litter in 2012 and was an exceptional mummy who was so sad when her babies went to their new homes.

Betsy is expecting kittens in March from our lovely boy Stargazer, look for the announcement shortly.

Dam: Tisanti Firefrost Amber (SBI j)


Champion Nutella Tart Sunny Queen ES (SBI b)

NutellaWe are delighted and very excited to welcome to Tisanti our beautiful Chocolate Kitten Nutella. We went to Spain and the home of Nadia Gamez Gomez for this beautiful Sunny Queen baby.

We wanted to introduce better size and boning to our breeding programme and we feel we will achieve this with Nutella Tart. Nadia had already shown Nutella under Fife in Italy, Portugal and Croatia and she won all her classes and won Best Kitten at the World Cat Show in Croatia.

We can’t thank Nadia or her partner Javi enough for entrusting us with this special little girl. I know how hard it was for you to part with her, but please be assured that Nutella is very much loved and already is very happy here at Tisanti.

Nutella had a lovely litter of 4 babies by StargazerĀ in November 2013. It was the first litter for both of them. She was a wonderful Mum and was very distraught when the time came to say goodbye šŸ™

Watch out for further news of Nutella’s journey on the show bench!Ā We will be showing her early Summer and her results will appear on the Show News Page.

Delighted that Nutella is now a Champion, here’s to the Grands!

Nutella is producing beautiful kittens, one being her lovely daughter Orianna who is a Champion just like her mother! Nutella is taking a break from motherhood this summer as we want to concentrate on her winning her Grand Title, good luck sweetheart!

Sire: SC Hero Diamo Von Imporio A (SBI c)
Dam: IC DK*Silky Sox Rosa (SBI b)


Champion Tisanti Orianna
Seal Point (SBI n)

TiaOrianna is our much longed for seal girl known at home as Tia. She is the daughter of our lovely Spanish girl Nutella Tart Sunny Queen and just like her mother Tia has a very loving nature.

What makes Tia so special to us is that her Father was our beautiful Pedro who sadly is no longer with us.

We showed Tia as a kitten as she really did enjoy her day out at the shows. We were thrilled when Tia made Champion in three straight shows as it had been such a long time since we had had a seal girl on the bench.

TiaWe were delighted when Tia had her first litter, and what a lovely litter it was. Tia will be going for the Grand Awards this Autumn and we feel sure she will achieve this high title.


Champion Tisanti Cinammon Spice
Chocolate Tabby Point (SBI b21)

InessHere is our beautiful chocolate tabby girl Iness who is another daughter of Nutella and the lovely Mister Darcy.

We were delighted to of bred our first chocolate tabby girl and we were even more pleased to find that she was show quality.

She took the show world by storm wining many firsts and Best of Breeds as a kitten and then Iness went on to win her Championship title in three straight shows, under some very tough judges!

InessIness is now taking a break from showing and hopefully this summer she will be concentrating on mother hood we cant wait to her babies!


Carrismoon Chilibean
Red Point (SBI d)

PoppyWe were delighted when the lovely Poppy joined our family in late 2015 and we can’t thank Rose & Bob Davies enough for letting us have this gorgeous loving little lady.

We wanted a red point girl for our breeding programme and Poppy really ticks all our boxes.

Poppy was shown as a kitten and won many firsts and seconds, we will continue showing her for her CC’s after she has had her first litter this summer where we hope to do a red to red mating!


Dam: Mittenmist Carrismoon Zena (SBI f)


Watchout Tisanti Flora
Lilac Point (SBI c)

FloraFlora came to Tisanti at the end of 2015 from our good friend Diana Saunderson who had come into stud to our boy Stargazer. We were delighted when Flora joined us as to have one of Stargazer’s first babies was the icing on the cake for us! Flora has fitted in so well with the rest of the girls and has developed a lovely bond with Poppy and Iness.

We are hoping to show Flora this summer and can’t wait to see how she gets on, one things for sure with her loving cheeky personality we are sure she will be a big hit!


Dam: Watchout Whoops A Daisy (SBI c)


Llonydd Myfanwy
Lilac Tabby Point (SBI c 21)

EllaThis beautiful girl is known as Ella at home and she was bred by our very good friends Gareth & Glenys Stone from our boy Mister Darcy and our lovely blue tabby girl Tisanti Little Diva. Many thanks to G&G for letting us have this very special girl.

When we saw Ella she reminded us so much of our beautiful Dilly Dumpling that we felt we had to have her and we are so glad that we made that decision as she has fitted in so well with our family.

Ella is going to be shown this summer by Matt who can’t wait to get her onto the show bench, she will then be mated in the Autumn.


Dam: Tisanti Little Diva (SBI a 21)


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